Accu-Tech Lens Cleaning Pen

Accu-Tech Lens Cleaning Pen

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The Accu-Tech Lens Pen is the lens cleaning solution for all precision optics! This dual-action cleaning pen removes all smudges, fingerprints and dust off your precious optic lenses.

No spray, chemicals or liquid needed, and no residue left behind!


  • The Accu-Tech Lens Cleaning Pen's chamios tip is impregnated with a revolutionary non-liquid cleaning compound that absorbs oily residues and contaminents more safely, easily and effectively than any other method.
  • The unique cap replenishes the cleaning compound and keeps the tip protected when not in use.
  • A pocket clip lets you attach the The Accu-Tech Lens Cleaning Pen to anything, and it's compact enough to throw in a pocket or gun bag
  • A high-quality all-natural retractable brush lets you safely remove dust or hard particles from the lens surface.
  • The Accu-Tech Lens Cleaning Pen is safe and sutiable for all optical lenses.

Suitable for:

  • Rifle scopes
  • SLR & DSLR Camera lenses
  • Digital and Video Camera lenses
  • Binocular lenses

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