Air Chief Rapid Repeater .22 - With 1 x Extra Mag

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Tired of endlessly cocking your break-barrel air rifle for every shot? Well, now you don't have to. The Rapid Repeater from Air Chief propels .22 calibre pellets at up to 500 feet per second as fast as you can work the bolt and pull the trigger! Use either the included 7-shot magazine for high volume shooting or the single-shot loading tray for more conservative plinking. Complete with factory threaded barrel and silencer, the Rapid Repeater will absolutely change your air rifle shooting experience. 

The Rapid Repeater is also very light, meaning it is also suitable for supervised youth. There is a dovetail mount so you can easily add an optic later. In a smooth wood stock with checkering for added grip. Comes complete with spare rubber seals and an easy to follow instruction manual. 

NOTE: Chambering area for CO2 cartridges can fit 3 cartridges, and you need to fill this area to be able to shoot. A handy blocking pole is included to fill 2 of the spaces in case you only have 1 C02 Cartridge available.

C02 Cartridges sold separately. 


• CO2 powered

• Steel receiver and barrel

• Front and rear sights - Dovetail mount

• Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation

• Medium length with well-finished & checkered wooden stock

• Push-button safety in front of the trigger 

• Barrel length: 465 mm

• Overall length: 900 mm

• Ideal for both youth adults

• .22 caliber pellets

• Up to 500 fps (feet per second) velocity

Available for purchase via phone 073785665 or email with valid ID.

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