Beretta A400 XTR 3.5 Max 5 KO 30" 12ga Shotgun

Beretta A400 XTR 3.5 Max 5 KO 30" 12ga Shotgun

Regular price $3,699.00

The A400 Xtreme Plus stock now feature a soft comb, which reduces the felt recoil imparted to the shooter’s cheek even further - 70% less recoil than competition.

Kick off mega, a beretta exclusive with the world's best recoil reduction system that eliminates muzzle rise. It provides Xtreme comfort because the stock area that makes contact with the face remains stations as the gun recoils.

New soft comb reduces felt recoil, cheek movement and increases comfort in the cold.

Kick off 3 is a third hydraulic dampener that reduces the 2nd recoil peak.

Shoots all 12 gauge shotgun shells. The A400 Xtreme can shoot all 12 gauge loads from 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 magnum.

NEW enlarged loading ports, oversized bolt release & cocking handle, reversible safety, extended shell lifter and green magazine follower.

Available for purchase via phone 073785665 or email with valid ID. Appropriate Firearms Mail Order Forms will need to be completed and certified.

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