Crafted Archery Aerol Broadheads 3 Pack

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This Solid 2 blade broadhead has been designed for strength and performance to provide the results! A solid 2 blade machined base provides proven strength and silent flight, whilst our innovative Offset blade design coupled with the easy to sharpen

Single bevel cutting edge causes a rotational force that can help with accuracy as well as producing wound channels not normally seen with a solid 2 blade design.  


  • Rear cutting edges ensure efficient blood loss and easy to track trails.
  • Solid one piece base
  • Silent flight
  • Offset blade
  • Single LEFT HAND Bevel
  • Accuracy
  • Easy sharpening for re-use 
  • 45 Rockwell hardness
  • 28mm cutting 

About Crafted Archery:

Built to Last

Quality-Strength-Accuracy - Our products have been designed and developed  for our mates to have access to high quality equipment that will hold up to any test that might be thrown our way. Solid Broadheads, Quality carbonfibre arrow shafts and arrow accessories to complete the build.

We now offer these to the bowhunting community  with confidence we have and will continue to test, to ensure our products will stand up and deliver results. 

Customer Satisfaction

With ongoing testing in harsh conditions, from the Heat of the Australian Bush to Freezing fields in Canada, we are confident in our products and want to ensure our customers share this confidence. 

We invite you to share your stories of using our products with the world, as well as any constructive comments and ideas that may help to mold our future products.

Professional Customer Service

Crafted Archery is a family based business that has been developed wanting to provide high quality equipment  to the Bowhunting community. 

We  are here to help with any questions you may have regarding our products and to ensure the purchase & delivery of our products is easy and seamless. 

We want to provide a good experience from the starting process of purchasing products, as we want to be involved as a positive part of your next hunt.

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