Mankung Pistol Crossbow 80lb Alloy

Mankung Pistol Crossbow 80lb Alloy

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80lb Self Cocking Pistol Grip Crossbow With Aluminum Body

** THIS IS NOT A TOY & NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.** Rated at 80lbs this is great for backyard fun or Small Varmint Hunting. Bolts fired travel up to 160 fps+ with pinpoint accuracy up to 30 metres. These cross bows give its users far more power and accuracy than a traditional bow. The Man Kung MK80A4AL is a 80 lbs Pistol Crossbow made of solid aluminum. Has the Cobra Fast Cocking System, because of the Cobra system, it is possible to cock the Man Kung Recurve Crossbow without the use of a lot of force. The trigger of the crossbow comes with a trigger safety. This 80 lb crossbow shoots longer distances and is very accurate with Aluminum Bolts. Equipped with an 11 mm rail for the mounting of a scope, laser or red dot. The MK80A4AL pistol crossbow comes complete with 3 crossbow arrows and a sight.


  • Draw Weight: 80 lb
  • Recurve Pistol Grip Crossbow
  • Automatic Safety Device That Engages When Cocking
  • Trigger Safety
  • Track Style For Greater Accuracy With Aluminum Bolts
  • Bolt Retainer
  • 3 x Aluminum Bolts Included
  • Arrow Speed : 160 FPS 175 km per hour ** **Weight: 0.9kgs
  • Height : 49.5 cm
  • Width : 44 cm
  • Power stroke : 6.8 inches
  • String length: 44.5cms
  • Limb : High-tech Fiberglass
  • Barrel: Aluminum
  • Stock : Aluminum
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Manufacturers Code MK-80A4AL
  • SPARE; Bolts, Strings & String Wax Available


  • 3 Aluminum arrows,
  • 1 limb,
  • 1 string,
  • 1 Fibreglass Prod

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