Nightforce NX8 4-32x50mm F1 - ZeroStop - .1 Mil-Radian - Digillum - PLT - Mil-C

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We guarantee you've never owned a scope like this.

At 32x, you can zero in on the smallest targets at the most extreme distances. At 4x, you are perfectly comfortable with up-close or rapidly moving targets. That vast magnification range - with superb clarity and resolution at every step - means that one riflescope will give you a world of versatility and confidence in any situation in which you might find yourself.

ZeroStop and DigIllum reticle illumination are standard, as is side parallax adjustment. Plus, the remarkable power of the NX8 4-32x50 F1 is packaged in a mere 13.4 inches in length and under 29 ounces in weight. We guarantee you've never owned a scope like this. 

MOAR F1 Reticle 

The Nightforce MOAR reticle is a major advancement in precision shooting. A floating center crosshair two MOA wide and two MOA tall provides a precise aiming point especially on smaller targets at longer ranges.

One-MOA elevation and windage spacings provide for more accurate rangefinding and hold-offs compared to ordinary reticles with coarser markings. The MOAR F1 reticle features 1 MOA elevation and windage markings for accurate range finding and hold-offs. A floating center crosshair and bold 3, 6 and 9 o'clock posts make this reticle fast and easy to use in the field.

This MOAR F1 reticle features over 80 MOA of elevation below center and total windage of 40 MOA on most models and 80 MOA on NX8 models. 


  • Magnification Range : 4-32x
  • Focal Plane First Focal Plane : (F1/FFP)
  • Body Tube Diameter : 30mm
  • Overall Length : 13.4 in/340 mm
  • Mounting Length : 5.7 in/145 mm
  • Weight : 28.6 oz/811 g
  • Click Value : .250 MOA or .1 MRAD
  • Internal Adjustment Range : E: 90 MOA/26 MRAD // W: 70 MOA/20 MRAD
  • Parallax Adjustment: 11 yd
  • Eye Relief : 3 .5 in/88 mm
  • Field of View @ 100 yd/m 4x: 26.1 ft/8.7 m // 32x: 4.6 ft/1.5 m
  • Exit Pupil  4x: 7.3 mm // 32x: 1.6 mm
  • Illumination DigIllum
  • Elevation Feature ZeroStop®
  • Power Throw Lever Standard

What's in the Box

  • Rubber Lens Covers
  • Cleaning Fob/ Cleaning Cloth
  • Multi-Tool
  • Power Throw Lever or Similar
  • Stickers
  • Owners Manual

Customer Reviews:

"They say, ""buy once, cry once."" But with this beauty you will be shedding tears of joy! The scope has smooth as glass adjustment knobs, positive clicks when dialing in and perfrect tracking, and it's clear in the day with more than ample light gathering at dusk or beyond. When looking through it or turning the dials you can feel the precision engineering that goes into the new NX8 4-32. It was worth every penny." Joe Roath.  

"This new NX8 scope is top shelf quality that you can see and feel! The turret knobs and focus throw run smooth like glass and because of this, you can stop the adjustment exactly where you want it, instead of overshooting the mark. It has all the clarity you could ever want and magnification for days. You can't go wrong owning one of these lightweight beauties." Joe. 

About Nightforce

Nightforce was born in 1992 with the vision that everything we build will meet this promise. For nearly three decades, we have designed and built optics and mounting systems that have been tested in the harshest conditions on earth.
Whether you are preparing for a deployment, your next shift, a world championship, or the hunt of a lifetime, thank you for putting your trust in the optical performance, consistent tracking, and durability of your Nightforce. If you are purchasing your first Nightforce, we are excited for you to experience why we are the choice of USSOCOM, numerous other special operations units worldwide, world champion competitive shooters, and the world's most discerning hunters.

Never Compromising Quality

There is no such thing as mass production at Nightforce. Only a skilled human eye and experienced hands are discerning enough to perform many of the critical operations involved in assembling a precision optical instrument.
Before they leave the factory, Nightforce riflescopes are subjected to conditions far beyond most anything you will ever encounter in the field. During our impact tests, riflescopes must endure repeated impacts of over 1200 Gs of force on multiple axes. After each severe impact, the riflescope is hand-checked for tracking accuracy and overall integrity. We rigorously test and inspect to ensure your Nightforce will work when you need it most.

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