12lb Youth Compound Bow Set Green/Black

12lb Youth Compound Bow Set Green/Black

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For hours of entertainment outdoors, this bow is the ideal starter product for those budding archers.

The Man Kung 12lb Compound Bow is for an easy introduction to archery.

Because of the compound construction with cables and pulleys, and the 2-split limbs made of fiberglass it is easy to shoot with this compound bow.

Ideal for children and young people.

Suitable Arrows; 26" and 28" Inch Wood or Fiberglass Arrows (anything over 28 Inches is too long)

A fantastic bow design offering a top-quality bow manufactured using the best materials available.

Available only as a right hand bow! (The left hand holds the bow, right hand pulls the string)


  • Draw Weight – 12lbs
  • Draw Length 24 inch
  • Length 34″
  • Let Off : 60%
  • Weight 0.99lbs
  • Recommended Arrows 26″ or 28" Wood or Fibreglass
  • Feet Per Second 75 fps


  • 12 lbs Black / Green Compound Bow
  • 2 x Arrows

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