EK Crossbow Blade+ 340fps 175lb with 4x32 Scope

EK Crossbow Blade+ 340fps 175lb with 4x32 Scope

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The Blade+ crossbow boasts an impressive 340 fps from a 175 lbs draw weight which is all the more impressive when you realise it has a power stroke of only 12.5". With an adjustable stock and anti-dry fire, this modern design mid-range compound crossbow is sure to tick a lot of boxes when choosing your compound crossbow.


• Reinforced composite stock, adjustable stock

• Forceful textured A2-style pistol grip

• Anti-dry fire safety

• Trigger pull below 3.5 lbs

• Compacting the crossbow's design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and operational balance.

• Aluminum/composite barrel with picatinny rail

• Decelerates string and deadens vibration

• Die casting cams

• Aluminum die casting

• Durable compression


• Speed: 340 fps

• Draw weight: 175 lbs

• Power stroke: 12.5"

• Axle to axle: 14" cocked, 17" uncocked

• Mass weight (bow only): 6.7 lbs

• Length: 33.5 - 36"

Accessories included:

 • 4x32 crossbow scope

 • Cocking rope

 • 3 x 20" aluminium bolts

 • 3-bolt quiver

 • String wax

 • String stopper

 • Goggles

Commonly Asked Questions: 

What size arrows will this take? 

The EK carbon crossbow bolts 20 inch are designed for this type of crossbow, do not use allow or any other type as it may bend, break, or explode.

Will this kill a rabbit?

Very much so, I suggest using a blund or a judo point not to break your arrows

Is this crossbow a hunting or target bow?


Is this right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?

This can be used by both left and right-handed shooters

Will this kill a deer?

Yes, this is a powerful and effective crossbow pushing a generous 340 fps  

What range would it have with accuracy?

Up to 50-70 meters with a bit of practice

Can I use this in my back yard?

You can but you will have to find a suitable target and make sure behind the target is clear behind, this will shoot straight through a hay bail and the fence behind it if you are not careful

Is this ready to shoot and what is included?

Everything you need is included in the package

NOTE: The video featured in this listing is a for general crossbow maintenance. Please note the models shown and features of each crossbow will vary.

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