Federal Fusion 300 WSM 165gr

Federal Fusion 300 WSM 165gr

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This is the consummate deer-hunting bullet – hugely popular in loaded factory ammunition. The Fusion is molecularly fused, jacket to core, leading to a high bullet-weight retention and controlled expansion – this is a different bonding process to other bonded bullets. Looking at a cross-sectional view of the projectile, the copper and lead appear to almost be melted together; we’re talking intermolecular coupling here – pretty clever tech!

In the real world, what does this mean to the Kiwi deerstalker? Quite simply, when these bullets hit, they’ll maintain about 95% weight, and expansion is absolutely massive, thus creating a permanent wound channel that’ll put animals down fast. Because of these attributes, they increase the shooter’s margin for error, as unlike some other bullet options, the Fusion will perform exactly the same whether you hit bone or vitals.

The bullet also incorporates internal skiving to achieve deliberate points of weakness to ensure reliable expansion even at lower velocities. This isn’t a high ballistic coefficient (BC) projectile option and is definitely created for the more traditional stalker … sub-350yd up-close-and-personal stuff.

Available for purchase via phone 073785665 or email shop@hamillstaupo.co.nz with valid ID. Appropriate Firearms Mail Order Forms will need to be completed and certified.

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