Nikko Stirling Scope Diamond 1.5-6X44 Saddle Switch Illum 04.Dot

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The Diamond Hunting Series

The hunt for trophies and particularly extraordinary goals today leads the modern hunter in areas in which climate and environment burden the riflescopes to the limit.

The Diamond Series is specially crafted to meet these challenges. All parts processed in this series are state of the art . Best precision optics guarantee maximum light transmission and clarity. All lenses are coated several times and therefore offer an optimal field of view. The optical coating minimizes the light reflection, so that a clear view is possible even in low light conditions.

Improved seals and machined precision components ensure precision even in the field. 

Every device is individually tested for shooting resistance , even with the strongest calibers. The side and height adjustment controls are designed so that they do not get tangled up in clothing at the most dramatic moment. A functional operation is guaranteed even in the most extreme weather conditions, since the devices are waterproof and fog-free . The tubes of the Diamond hunting series are produced from high-quality metal alloys in 1 inch and 30 mm diameter. Just this impeccable, one-piece "finish" in matte black and the forest-green highlights make the Diamond an attractive companion for hunting.

Among NZ hunters, the 30mm version is especially popular, as they usually hunt in low light conditions. Simply put, this larger center tube diameter allows designers to design a riflescope that transports more light into their own eyes. This effect can not be overestimated, especially in so-called "low light conditions", ie twilight or darkness. In addition, 30mm riflescopes are generally known to be even stronger and more robust.

This model has a magnification range of 1.5x to 6x, and has a 44mm front lens diameter. 

A very special feature - the illuminated reticle! 

The new, Illuminated reticle 4 of the Diamond series has an attractive switch, which is mounted directly next to the height and side adjustment. Thus, the hunter can now adjust the lighting of his reticles during hunting exactly to the lighting environment.

The illuminated riflescopes are designed for fast shooting in low light conditions. Often, as a hunter, you have to make a quick shot at a fleeing target at dusk or in the forest. The illuminated reticle, which clearly stands out against the backdrop, makes it easy. Without lighting, the hunter must take a time delay to locate the dark reticle against the dark background.

Our range of Nikko Stirling riflescopes are covered by a lifetime manufacturers warranty against defects.

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