Outdoor Outfitters Slingshot with Arm Brace

Outdoor Outfitters Slingshot with Arm Brace

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The Powerline Slingshot with Arm brace is one of the three slingshots in our “Premier” range and delivers plenty of power.

This Slingshot was made in Taiwan and has a sleek, moulded sure-grip handle providing great control.

It also has a solid steel frame and hand through arm brace, which supports and steadies the arm and improves aim and accuracy.


  • Cargo Pocket Slingshot
  • Moulded pistol-grip handle
  • Solid steel frame
  • Strong sure grip
  • Durable surgical grade tubing     
  • Durable leather release pouch
  • Shoots steel, leads or glass shot
  • An ideal slingshot introduction
  • Extends from 250mm to 600mm

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