Silky Yoki Machete 270mm

Silky Yoki Machete 270mm

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The Silky Yoki Machete 270mm is comes with almost 100years of saw design and manufacturing excellence. The Yoki or 'Chopper' is a toll that gives you the versatility to tackle multiple vegetation types, making it a must have on your list.

For hunter, hikers or those that travel off the beaten path, the Yoki is versatile to cut through small logs, vines and more. Similar to a bush axe, it functions in the same way except it can be used with one or 2 hands whilst offering a more compact design to fit in your outdoor gear. Designed with along lasting blade that can be re-sharpened and comes with a custom fitted carrying case.


  • Weight: 530g 
  • Length : 10.6 in
  • Color : Black, Silver
  • Metal : Alloy Steel
  • Blade Thickness : 2.75 mm 

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